A bite-sized update before bed…

Hello again, friends! Oh my goodness, I realize that it has been forever since I wrote last, and so much has happened in my life recently, but I promise that I will update you all with everything that has been going on in just a few short days!

Here is the abbreviated version, if you would like to read a little snippet of what’s been going on. Enjoy!

Two weekends before Spring Break, my roommate had one of her friends from FSU come visit. We went to see a really great DJ that Friday night (and I hurt my left leg SO BADLY; however, I am beyond grateful that it was not broken.. more on that in a later post), Saturday, we went to TopGolf (I didn’t participate too much because of my “bum leg”), and Sunday, I went to the beach with some of my other girlfriends from school and got a LIIIIITTLE bit sunburnt! But, all in all, this truly was the BEST weekend I’ve had in a VERY long time!

Fast forward through Monday-Wednesday of the next school week (the week before Spring Break), nothing too crazy or noteworthy happened there… Thursday was a teacher workday, in which I got A LOT accomplished for next week… And the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day was the first official day of Spring Break, which means, you guessed it, another trip to North Carolina!

When I drove to North Carolina, I first got to see my dad, which was SO amazing. We went to see a movie on Saturday and ate at a local joint called The Pita Wheel, which was great! Sunday, I drove to my Shelby-home (I think this is the way I’ll distinguish my “homes” in future posts! Heehee!). I visited with ALL of my grandparents while I was in Shelby, but I stayed with my mom’s parents (“gran and paw”), as I typically always do. During my visit, I went shopping and got a pedicure, which I SO BADLY needed! …I stayed in North Carolina until Thursday of last week, drove back to my Jax-home, and have been relaxing until this evening, which was when I started back up with my lesson plans and sketched out a new seating arrangement for my students to start fresh with the forth nine weeks of school tomorrow! PHEW!

Again, I know it has been a long time since I’ve written and I apologize, but more details will definitely be coming soon on each of the aforementioned events in this post! And I figured… this may be my LAST “Spring Break,” ever; I need to enjoy my time off while I can, and I can definitely say that I enjoyed my break to the fullest! With all that being said though, I really can’t wait to sit back down and get back to writing. I have definitely missed blogging for you guys!

Until next time… Ciao for now!