More on my latest adventures…

Hello again, everyone! As promised in my previous blog, this post will dig into more detail about my pre-and-during Spring Break festivities. …Voila, we have arrived! …I know it’s been a minute (again), partially because of my internet that NEVER seems to work at home, so I almost always have to use personal hotspot, which digs into my data majorly… BUT, this post will ALSO be updating you on my life as of late, including last week. So buckle up, strap yourself in, and let’s get this thing started!

So remember how I said that two weekends before Spring Break, my roommate had one of her friends from FSU come visit, and we went to see a great DJ that Friday night, and I hurt my left leg really badly? Yeah, let’s talk about that for a minute. My roommate asked me several weeks before her friend came into town if I’d like to go to a concert with she and her best friend. Now, her friend from FSU enjoys listening to house music, and she’s really into this DJ called DJ Nitti Gritti. My roommate and I listened to his music a few times before her friend got into town, and, though house music isn’t normally my preferred genre, I’ve got to say, DJ Nitti Gritti is a REALLY TALENTED musician. So, my roommate’s friend rolls into town two weekends before Spring Break. We go to Chuy’s for dinner (the most amazing Tex Mex you’ll ever eat). We go to Walmart to get “fits,” (outfits) for this concert, and I am somewhere in this general time period informed that this “concert” we’re going to is actually a rave. Though I’ve never been to a rave before, I was still excited (of course!), because, you know, new life experiences!

So we get to the concert, I’m enjoying the music… everything and everybody around us are getting SUPER hot and sweaty, like ravers do. And in the middle of a song, someone’s ENTIRE BODY WEIGHT falls INCREDIBLY HARD on the outside of my left leg. Like, the ONLY thing that was in between this person’s body and the floor was my left leg. I had NO CLUE there was a mosh pit going on behind me… and for those of you who are not aware, a mosh pit is just a bunch of guys pushing and shoving one another around in a circle as they interact with and enjoy house music. So apparently, one of these guys breaks through the mosh pit and lands on my left leg. And when I say excruciating, I mean, this is the WORST pain I’ve ever been in in my entire life. So, I get my roommate and her friends’ attention with what my roommate’s friend says was a “complete look of horror” on my face, we head outside, and I sit on a bench for probably half an hour or more. My roommate stayed outside with me, while her friend went back in… and lemme just take a minute to shout out my awesome roommate for staying with me while I was in pain. While outside, I tried to alternate standing and sitting, but I could not get my left leg to straighten completely at all. My muscles were super tight in the pit of my knee, as well as partially up my left thigh and down my left calf. It genuinely felt like I had dislocated something.

However, I finally was able to put some light pressure on it after about 30-45 minutes, I survived the rest of the concert/rave, and stayed EXTREMELY cautious around mosh pits the entire rest of the night. We came home and went to bed at around 4:30 Saturday morning. Such GOOD sleep. Below, you’ll find a photo of the three of us before we headed out for the rave.

Why, yes, I AM wearing an old school Britney Spears shirt… She was my go-to 90’s girl!

I iced my leg on Saturday for a little while before going to Red Robin for dinner (my first time ever) with my roommate, her friend, and another friend of ours from school, and then, we headed to TopGolf. Again, it was kind of hard to participate at TopGolf with a bum leg, so I sat most of this trip out and enjoyed the company.

That Sunday, of course, I went to the beach with some of my girlfriends from school and got a little sunburnt, but we dipped our toes in the water a few times (it was SUPER cold!) and and enjoyed the plentiful sunshine before heading back into another work week before Spring Break. Side note… I’m finding that just laying out, feeling the sun’s warmth hit my skin, and listening to the waves crashing around me is the absolute PERFECT way to relax and de-stress. This is one of the reasons why I absolutely LOVE living near the beach.

Now, for actual Spring Break. When I drove to North Carolina, I rolled into town at about 12:15 a.m Saturday morning… yes, I am quite the night traveller! I first got to see my dad, and we went to see the movie “Madea’s Family Funeral” on Saturday afternoon (hilarious, might I add), then ate at a local joint called The Pita Wheel, which was great! I had a buffalo chicken pita, and it was very yummy. Lots of gooey cheese and delicious buffalo chicken! The restaurant’s atmosphere reminded me a lot of Boone. They had coolers along the back wall with tons of craft brews inside… I definitely could see myself going there to get a few six packs to enjoy in my spare time! The rest of our Saturday was spent doing a few clothes, and generally just relaxing.

Sunday, I drove to my Shelby-home. I visited with Gran and Paw on Sunday, and did my absolute FAVORITE thing ever on Monday… I went SHOPPING! I bought two pairs of shoes for work, a pair of jean capris, a swimsuit coverup, a sport’s bra (I need them so badly), and some much-needed Bath and Body Works body washes, as well as some aromatherapy related items.

Gran was sick for most of my visit home, which is kind of sad, but I do enjoy spending time around family, even if it’s not in the most ideal of conditions. On Wednesday, I got a pedicure (which was SO badly needed!), and visited for a few hours and caught up on life with my Nooner, Mimi, and Papa. I stayed in North Carolina until Thursday of Spring Break week, and then drove back to my Jax-home, where I relaxed as much as possible until it was time to head back to school last Monday!

Which brings me to last week. I had a really hard time falling asleep most every day last week. I think this was probably because my sleep schedule was so out-of-whack from sleeping whenever I wanted to during Spring Break. I also think I was a bit stressed out last week about a meeting that I had on Wednesday morning, but thankfully, the meeting went off without a hitch, and there was nothing else about last week that was particularly anxiety or stress-inducing.

Last weekend, my friend invited me to an Icemen hockey game on Saturday night. You all should know me well enough by now to know that if there’s some kind of fun to be had, I’m there, and even if the experience isn’t the most interesting, I can at least say that I’ve been there, done that, and tried it at least once! …Now, I’ve definitely been to hockey games before, but I’ve NEVER been to a hockey game that was this pumped up! I honestly had a really great time with my friend and her family, as well as one of her friends and their family. I also took advantage of the adult privilege of buying ANY and ALL the snacks I could have wanted… I’m talking a chili cheese dog, popcorn, and a Snickers bar. Oh, it was SO nice to treat myself!

This week, I will be taking a field trip with my kiddo’s on Thursday to Sally Corporation, which is a robot factory. I am super excited about this field trip, because, again, it’s another fun learning experience that I will have under my belt in exploring this new life I’ve made for myself in Florida.

I’ll keep you posted… we shall see what the month of April holds for me. I can definitely say that 2019 is already FLYING by, and it has been a great year so far! It is definitely the year of going out and grabbing life by the horns. I am still nervous about potential job opportunities and going back to school, and it has been very hard balancing working full-time AND trying to figure out my next steps in life. With all that being said though, I trust in the Lord, and know that He has a plan for me… and I will not stop researching and digging until I find a better way for myself!

Stay tuned for next week’s post. Until next time… Ciao for now!