Next steps in my journey…

HELLO AGAIN, EVERYONE! I realize that it has been A MINUTE OR TWO since I’ve posted on the blog, but let me tell you; I am SO HAPPY to be back, and I hope that you can forgive me for my hiatus! Wrapping up the school year is ABSOLUTELY INSANE for ANY teacher, and I’m sure that most of you following me on Facebook noticed that I stayed after school until 9-10p.m. MANY times in the last two weeks of school. Between paperwork and various issues at school, trying to find a new job, being disappointed about opportunities falling through… it’s been a bumpy few months. BUT, I am now happy to say, I am BACK ON TRACK and doing BETTER THAN EVER, so I hope to continue chronicling my adventures and journeys with you!

I also realize that I said in a previous post that I would go into more detail about WHY I am leaving the public school system… and I PROMISE, that story has been in the works for quite a while now, but I wanted to wait until AFTER the school year was completely finished so that, if some kind of issue were to come up in the future, no one could say that I was attached to a contract with a public school system upon my narrative on the subject being released. Also, there are more things that I need to tweak and add to the story, but I promise, as soon as it is PERFECT (in my eyes), I will share that with you all.

Now, for a little current news! I am happy to say that I have accepted a position working at a preschool as a Lead Teacher in Fleming Island, FL, which is about 20 minutes away from Tyler’s house. The pay is a few dollars short of what I was making as a full-time teacher, but the work environment is what I was focusing on most when I was going on interviews. I had an interview with a Private School in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, but it was only a temporary summer position. I honestly went into that interview thinking this was the one I wanted most, so that I could possibly break into the Private School sector in the fall; however, without confirmation of a long-term opportunity with the private school, and with the overall feelings/vibes I got from the preschool I work at now, I decided to accept the offer at the preschool! I am a Lead Teacher for the remainder of the summer, and this fall, I will be an assistant to another Lead Teacher for the 2019-2020 school year! …It’s just funny how you expect that one thing is what you truly want, but then something else comes around and surprises the heck out of you!

All I have to say is… HELLO SUMMER; GOODBYE PUBLIC SCHOOL STRESSES AND CONCERNS! I truly feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Is my current job a walk in the park? Definitely not, but it is a far cry from having to worry about the various stresses that being a teacher in a public school system brings.

I know this entry seems a bit short compared to some others that I have written, BUT, I wanted to close this post by saying a HUGE THANK YOU to my FRIENDS AND FAMILY, as well as my BOYFRIEND, TYLER for helping me make the decision on my next step in life, and for standing behind me, cheering me on, checking in on me during this whole process… Gosh, just EVERYTHING. The love and support that I have been shown and have received over the past few months has made EVERYTHING a bit more bearable. Were there days that I cried my eyes out and felt absolutely and utterly defeated? Yes. Was the process of closing out an absolutely GOD-AWFUL school year, AND looking for a job at the same time extremely stressful and daunting? Yes. Are there days when I wanted to just give up and “throw in the towel?” Abso-freakin’-lutely. Please, just ask Tyler; he will tell you how much I talked about it. But I am SO BEYOND GRATEFUL for good friends, good family, and an awesome boyfriend who helped me get back up and keep moving every time I had a setback.

I’ll leave you with a warm and fuzzy for the day… when I was asking Tyler about which position I should proceed with (Private School or Preschool), I was expecting him to first ask about pay and finances, but instead, his first question to me was, “Well, which one do you think would make you happy? I want you to choose whichever one makes you happy.” …I was ABSOLUTELY FLOORED, to say the least, because if you know Tyler Anderson, you KNOW that he is very fiscally-driven and responsible when it comes to job/career moves… but it absolutely warmed my heart to hear this, coming from the person I needed it from most at the time.

I will update you all soon on how the new job is going. Until next time my loves… ciao for now!