MY FAVORITES: The Top 10 Items I Can’t Live Without

Hello again, everyone! Today, I’m sticking with the same “new” format (as mentioned in my previous post), and will be sticking with that for at least one more post following this one! …There may be more than one post like this following today’s post, because my mind just hatched a new idea as I was sitting here typing today’s blog!

So today’s post is all about my favorite items that I cannot live without. I wrote the previous post of all my beauty favorites so that I wouldn’t feel obligated to include any of those products on this list. I also originally thought about doing a top 5 list, but I’m sure a lot of you already know a few of the top 5, which is why I challenged myself to think of 10 things I could not live without in my day-to-day life. The top 10 items I can’t live without are listed in order from most-needed (1) to least needed (10). So, sit back and relax as I take you through the top 10 items I can’t live without!

MY MACBOOK AIR. I bet a lot of you thought I was going to put my phone first, because I AM somewhat obsessed with my phone… I’m not afraid to admit that, and I KNOW that it’s not healthy, but I honestly prefer my laptop to my phone ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. I just prefer reading e-mails and watching videos on my laptop, as compared to my phone. Also, a lot of websites that you go to don’t display very well on a phone, so, this is why I chose my laptop for the top spot. My MacBook Air is just so user-friendly and it’s a lot easier for me to navigate than my phone.

PHONE. Obviously, this is the second one on the list! I think my obsession with my phone started when I was with my ex-boyfriend from college and he went to Basic Training for the Army. I would keep my phone within sight of me AT ALL TIMES so that I wouldn’t miss a call from him, just in case, and the obsession hasn’t stopped since. I can definitely let my phone out of my sight now, but I will admit openly that I am a bit more obsessed with my phone than I need to be. If I’m ever with you and you see me using my phone, please feel free to tell me to put it down!

COFFEE. It does not matter whether I brewed it at home or went into Starbucks… I canNOT get through my day without some kind of coffee involved. By the way, YES, I know Starbucks is EXPENSIVE, but I don’t care… I love it all the same. Whether iced coffee or hot coffee, it doesn’t matter to me, I will DRINK IT. It also does not matter if I’ve slept in and gotten enough rest… coffee is ALWAYS a NECESSITY for me.

HAIRBRUSH. I seriously couldn’t do anything with my hair without a hairbrush. I’m not like some other girls who can just effortlessly pull their hair into an up-do and it look super cute. Nope. I can’t put my hair into a ponytail or bun without my hairbrush. Also, when I straighten my hair, it gets tangled REALLY quickly (my hair is super fine, y’all), so if I’m going out after straightening my hair, I will often bring my hairbrush with me to brush out the tangles.

HAIR TIES. Okay so, a lot of you already know that I wear my hair in a ponytail or a bun A LOT. I’m getting a LOT better at straightening and styling it on a regular basis, but you’ll often find a hair tie on my wrist on a daily basis, because I wear my hair up so much. Plus, it gets HOT in Florida, so it’s definitely a lot COOLER to wear my hair in a ponytail or bun.

LOOFAH. Truth be told, I never use washcloths in the shower or bath anymore. Whenever I am at home or traveling, I am always sure to throw my loofah in my bag. AND, as some of you may already know, my loofah is my favorite color… PURPLE!

CEREAL AND MILK. Y’all… I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I could feasibly eat cereal every day for the rest of my life and BE EXTREMELY HAPPY ABOUT IT. My roommate teases me all the time because I ALWAYS have cereal in the pantry, and I can LITERALLY eat a bowl of cereal at ANY TIME OF DAY, as long as I have MILK… and I have a bad habit of running out of milk and not being able to eat cereal for a few days, which makes me sad. A little back story on this one as well… I think the reason I love cereal so much is because I used to eat it a lot when I was younger. I always saw my mom eating cereal, and I think that her habit of eating cereal rubbed of on me!

HANDHELD CLOTHES STEAMER. Oh my gosh, I had NO IDEA when my grandma gave me her handheld clothes steamer that I would use it and LOVE IT as much as I do. It is getting kind of old now, so it takes a little while for it to heat up, and sometimes, it stalls out a little bit while I’m steaming, but it literally only takes me about 5 minutes to steam ANYTHING in my closet that is wrinkled, and I LOVE THAT SO MUCH. Who wants to go out with their clothes all wrinkly? NOT ME. Side note: I used my steamer on my bridesmaid’s dress for my friend Jordan’s wedding, and I steamed (most) all of the other girls’ dresses as well… and then, the groom’s party got wind that I had a steamer, and they came to request to use it as well! So, ALL of the wedding party looked GREAT that day because I had my steamer! *Heehee, just kidding!*

SUNGLASSES. This one’s going to be short… I live in Florida, so it’s obvious that I can’t live without a pair of sunglasses!

CLARISONIC MIA 2 FACE SCRUBBER. I don’t always use my Mia 2 face scrubber when I’m in the shower, and truthfully, I don’t use it as much as I should. However, it IS one of the items on my list that I can’t live without because, when I was using it more consistently, it made my skin SO SOFT, and it definitely cut back on the oiliness and whiteheads that I would get.

So again, there you have my top 10 favorite items that I could not live without! As always, I am open to feedback regarding these types of posts, so feel free to tell me whether you liked this list or not! I hope you all are having a wonderful week, and hopefully, I will see you again on my next post! Ciao for now!

}-}—> Kristin <—{-{