A Leap of FAITH

Hello again, everyone! Today’s post will be a little shorter than usual. My mom and I had an AMAZING Labor Day weekend, and I will definitely be posting pictures and details about that soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

I have been keeping quiet on social media and my blog lately because I have been working through the book, “The Power of a Praying Woman,” and it’s accompanying study guide, as well as attending church on Sunday mornings and starting my new Disciple Group on Wednesday evenings… so, needless to say, I have been keeping pretty quiet because I am learning, growing, and leaning further into my relationship with God. Let me just tell you, it has been exciting and eye-opening!

I also realize that a lot of you have been wondering and asking about updates regarding my job situation. I have purposely been keeping quiet about that as well, because I didn’t want to get too far into any opportunities and then things not work out. But TODAY, I have some pretty exciting news!

I have accepted a part-time position at a local YMCA as a Site Director for Before and After School, and I get to start the on-boarding/training process TOMORROW (September 6, 2019)!

…I may have included this in a previous post, but when I saw this job opportunity pop through my e-mail from an external job posting site, I honestly felt as though God SPOKE TO ME, and that He was urging me to apply to this position. Again, I may have spoken on this in a previous post, but I worked as a Youth Counselor for the YMCA back in North Carolina, and working with the Y made me the most happy Kristin I have ever been. So, needless to say, I applied, interviewed, and received an offer for the job the day after my interview. How exciting!

The on-boarding process has been somewhat confusing, because it has been all online, which is unlike any other on-boarding process I’ve done with any other workplace. Not to be deterred, I kept in constant contact with HR asking lots of questions and completing the required online trainings, as well as being in contact with the Y’s external training company Redwoods (to change my account over from the NC branch that and job description that I was associated with to the FL branch and job description that I am currently associated with), and I can now say that, after a few weeks of hard work and dedication (and a HURRICANE that has stood in the way for about a week, heehee! Thanks God, for teaching me PATIENCE!)… I start my face-to-face on-boarding with my branch of the YMCA TOMORROW MORNING at 9:00 a.m.!

To say that I am BEYOND EXCITED to start working with the YMCA again is an understatement. Though the position is only part-time (for now), when I interviewed with one of the Program Directors, she said that our branch’s Executive Director is definitely open to communication about his employee’s goals and aspirations within the YMCA, and that he will help me in any way possible to achieve my goals and aspirations within the organization. The Program Director who interviewed me also reassured me that upward mobility is definitely something that can be achieved, both at this branch and beyond! So, as you can tell… I would have been CRAZY not to accept this position. I also feel that I will be working for the YMCA for a VERY LONG TIME to come!

So… that’s pretty much it! Like I said, I will definitely post photos and details about Labor Day weekend soon, but I wanted to publicly update all of you who have been inquiring about my job situation. Yes, I will have to have another part-time job to make my ends meet; however, I am not worried about that right now… I need to get situated in my schedule and day-to-day job with the YMCA first, then I will worry about landing another part-time job. It won’t be too long, though… I am just beyond grateful and blessed beyond measure. This goes to show… when you put your trust in the Lord, and are actively growing in your relationship with Him, HE WILL PROVIDE for ALL of your needs and desires!

Again, check back soon for my Labor Day Weekend story time… Ciao for now!

}-}—> Kristin <—{-{