A little nostalgia, a little new…

Hello again, everyone! So after I blogged last week, the weekend and the start of this week were pretty eventful for me, so I figured I’d pop in today to tell you guys all about what I’ve been up to!

Thursday and Friday of last week were pretty uneventful, but Saturday I was invited (as were all the staff at work) to go bowling at a place called Splitz in Orange Park. I had not been “out and about,” for quite some time, so I honestly just wanted to throw on a little makeup, do my hair, and just have some fun with my co-workers… and that’s EXACTLY what I did! We all met in the little cafe at Splitz first to just chat and grab some grub. We all shared an appy of chips and salsa (my favorite), and I saw sliders on the menu and committed almost immediately. We then started looking at the drink menu, and if you ordered a specialty drink – which I did – you got some sort of souvenir cup to take home. I ordered what was called Sun Tan Lotion, which was coconut vodka and pineapple juice in a plastic yard cup, and it was delicious (photo will be posted later)!

Now, I bet you’re wondering, “Kristin, how was the bowling?! You went to a bowling alley, right?!” …So, we definitely DID go to the bowling alley, but we didn’t even wind up bowling (hahahaha)! The other half of Splitz has laser tag and an arcade, so we all got some game cards (shout out to my friend who bought me a $10 card), and we all went to town playing arcade games! We wound up playing games a little, then we went to the prize counter for a bit to play around with some prizes – lather, rinse, repeat. I played a little Mario Kart, Ski Ball, Ice Hockey, Flappy Bird, as well as a few others. As we went back and forth to the prize area, we were all obsessing over a Magic 8 Ball, a rainbow sequined fanny pack, Minecraft swords, and those blow up bubble balloons (called B’Loonies, I just found out). Playing in the arcade and going back to the prize area definitely brought a sense of nostalgia for me, because that’s what I used to do with my family all the time when we would go to Myrtle Beach – go to the game room, win tickets, cash them in for prizes – literally a STAPLE of my childhood! So, needless to say, I had so much fun on our outing to Splitz this weekend, even if we didn’t wind up bowling!

On Sunday of last weekend, I got back into church, which was so refreshing, and was definitely a positive way to start out this week! On Monday, I worked School’s Out Camp for the MLK Jr. holiday, which was pretty uneventful, but the rest of this week has been pretty jam packed. I attended a STEM training on Tuesday morning, which was a lot of fun, and was extremely helpul! Yesterday (Wednesday, 1/22) between shifts, I worked on getting stuff finalized for February at work, and today, obviously, I am spending time on the blog with you all, which is absolutely one of my favorite things to do!

So, It has been SUUUPER COLD in Jax for the past two days, which does NOT make me happy. As stated in my last post, I AM SO READY TO GO TO THE BEEEEEACH, and I still haven’t gotten the opportunity to! …All this cold has had my brain hyper focused on taking a tropical vacation to the Keys. I’ve never been to Key West, but I’m very seriously considering planning a vacation there later this year. I’ve also discovered another thing I’d like to do in 2020 – I’d like to go parasailing, so – parasailing in the Keys, anyone?! If only I had the $ for that right now (heehee)!

Also, since its been so cold in Jax, this has brought up a lot of conversations about how I went to college at Appalachian State, and a common question I get asked is, “Did you ever go snowboarding while you were up there?!” And unfortunately, I have to tell people “No, I never did.” I think the reason why I never snowboarded while in Boone was because I decided in my mind, back in my 5th grade year during our field trip to Appalachian Ski Mountain, that skiing was just NOT for me (I’m sure you remember this, mom), and since snowboarding is LIKE skiing, I never went out of my comfort zone to give it a shot. However, now that it’s 2020 and I’m determined to STEP OUT of my comfort zone, I may have to give snowboarding a proper try as well!

I’ve also been thinking over the past week that Beach Baptism will be coming up soon (in May-ish?) for church. I have already committed my life to Jesus Christ, but I did this when I was about 5-6 years old, and I was talking to some family members near the end of last year about rededicating myself to the Lord. Also, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to grow in my relationship with Jesus this year, so what better way to do that than to be baptized off the Florida coast?! …I’ll keep you guys posted when I get more information about this opportunity and whether I decide to do it or not!

Okay, last thing for today, and these are two things I need from YOU ALL as my readers!
#1 – I have been searching ENDLESSLY for a water bottle! I am looking for something that has a wide mouth (because we have scoop ice at school and I don’t want to spill ice all over the floor), an actual straw (not like a flip up straw), is skinny (because I have small hands), can hold hot AND cold beverages (because I wanna be able to put my hot Starbucks drinks in it), and is 24+ ounces (because a Venti ICED coffee from Starbucks is 24oz). Any ideas? I literally have checked on Amazon, Etsy, Starbucks, external sites… and I can’t seem to find anything that 100% fits what I’m looking for! So, my question is this… do you have a water bottle or tumbler that you just LOVE and would like to tell me about?! I’ll definitely check it out if you guys make some suggestions!
#2 – Because I have the goal to grow in my relationship with Jesus Christ this year, I am feeling a call to start a daily devotional journey, but I would like for this journey to be somewhat long-term. A lot of the ones I’ve seen online 7 days or shorter, which obviously doesn’t meet my needs at this time, SO… Have YOU done a long-term devotional journey? Which one was it? Did you enjoy it?! Again, please share your thoughts and ideas with me on this one, because I am beyond ready to dive into God’s word more this year!

Alrighty guys and gals, I think that about wraps it up for today! I’ve genuinely had so much fun writing for you today and reliving some memories, as well as looking forward to some new memories I will create in 2020 and beyond! Please leave me some suggestions on water bottles and devotionals, and I’ll be sure to check them out!

Ciao, for now… Gotta go grab lunch before my afternoon shift! – Xoxo! –

>->—> Kristin <—<-<